Or in other words, Byron Bay Beach Mission. 

Ever find things working out really well by themselves? 

Me too. (Yes they do, sometimes) 

Byron Bay was like this. I met some people, as you do, and they were going to Byron Bay for a ‘beach mission’. Beach Mission meaning a mission to a new place to talk about God and Jesus with people, this place being the beach. I wanted to go to Byron Bay, and being Christian, all be it a new found faith, I was keen for a chance to evangelise and learn from other Christians. 

We were there for a week, there was 31 of us, me being the youngest, most of from the Sydney area, and together we made up a pretty amazing team. 

The first evening in Byron we talked about mission and headed up to the lighthouse to pray. Since becoming a Christian one of the most incredible things is prayer. Standing, sitting, swimming, whatever and praying with someone else blows my mind. Calling on God to help you out, sort out your problems, support you. We were thirty-ish people standing around holding arms and calling out to our Creator, I’ve never felt so alive, God’s presence was tangible, we were all in awe of the journey we were about to begin. 
It began and in a blink of my eye it was over! 
We spoke about God, met travellers and seekers, made free pancakes, tie-died, played beach soccer, swam, surfed, prayed, ate, listened to Jono’s sermons, sang to God, visited old folks homes, did surveys, ran, sang more, ate more, played cards, prayed again, talked about God more, shared testimonies, laughed a lot… it was packed! By the end I was shattered but I learnt a lot in those seven days, turns out in seven days lots can go on (get it) 

I met a soul sister in Christ, Sarah, whose story spoke volumes, shared a Harry-Potter-read-by-Stephen-Fry filled car journey home to Sydney with Ro and Neil, and learned masses from each and every member of the team. Man that was a good week! 

I shared my own testimony (my journey which God found me on/I found God/we bumped into each other) and that was a pretty hard thing to do, God certainly came to me at my time of need! 





One response to “BY BEACH MISH

  1. Awesome! 🙂
    What a great week that was. A lovely way to get to know you, sis.
    And I love the yoga photo…despite my bad form! xx

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