I would love to begin from the beginning but that is a fairly tall order. Instead I will tell you about my dear mum and my dearest mum’s mum (don’t question my logic). My mother and my grandmother have become, even more than previously, a major boasting point on my travels. A month and 20 days ago my mother turned 50, and a few days ago my grandmother turned 85, so here is a list of amazing things about these two phenomenal women, which if you have met me you have more than probably heard. 

  • My Grandmother was the only woman in her graduating class of doctors in 1952 from Penn State USA
  • My Mother builds things, from our beautiful hand crafted (ash and oak) kitchen table, to the mezzanine in her bedroom, and lots and lots and lots of shelves 
  • My Grandmother loved working so much that when she was due to retire she lied to the National Health Service about her age
  • My Mother and Grandmother (was) are both Consultant anaesthetists and can accurately identify and deliver medication to (maybe) any vein in your body 
  • My Mother never fails to sing the alto harmony to almost any ANY song that she knows the lyrics to 
  • My Grandmother made my sister and all of our friends and I ‘mickey-mouse-pancakes’ every morning every time she visited from London
  • My Mother cycles to work and back most days 17 miles round trip
  • My Grandmother much like my mother will never: read the instructions, call a plumber till she’s had a bash or complain of pain 
  • My Mother was invited and attended Prince Edward’s birthday party at Windsor Castle meeting the late Lady Di and the Queen mum
  • My Grandmother once went up to Boris Johnson in the street and told him what she thought of him (not a lot)
  • My Mother can run a 5k faster than I (I let her win)

I love my Mother and Grandmother for their flaws as much as their talents, but sometimes it feels pretty amazing to boast about your family, from afar especially. Happy late birthday Granny- you are always so proud of Hannah and I, so I hope you know how proud we are of you. Below are two favourite pictures of my Granny first then my Mum (she has teeth now)

Image Image


3 responses to “Mothers

  1. Wow, an amazing lineage.
    I love this list of loveliness, and the obvious beautiful affection you have for them both.

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